Akra Girtablilu
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Scorpion Vigilante
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date September 12th
Family ???
Status Wandering
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light brown
Height 5'10"
Blood type  ???
Age 22
Weight  ???
Health Healthy
Affiliation Good
Weapons Herself
Species Arachnid


Base of Operations  ???
Quests To find a purpose
Previous Occupation(s) Merchant
Current Occupation None
Abilities See section
Fighting Style Self-taught
Partner None
Team None
Relatives  ???
Marital Status Single

Akra Girtablilu is an Arachnid character aligned with Good.

History Edit

Not a lot is known about Akra's history. It's assumed that she was raised by her Arachnid parents. She does not talk about her early life.

After leaving her parents she became a merchant. This went well for a couple of years, but at an unspecified point Akra got into a fight that forced her to use her Arachnid form. She was heavily injured like this, leaving her face and arm stuck in that form. It is extremely difficult for her to change those parts of her body back.

Appearance Edit

Akra, due to her Arachnid heritage, shares a lot of physical similarities with scorpions. An exoskeleton covers her body almost everywhere except for her head, giving her body a segmented look.

She has sandy light brown hair that she keeps tied back. She isn't terribly feminine looking, leaning more towards androgynous. Her outfit typically consists of a tank top tied into a crop top, and loose sports shorts.

Her injuries have left a large portion of her face as well as her right arm deformed. She has five insectoid eyes, as well as mandibles sticking out from her mouth. Her arm, typically wrapped up, is a giant pincer that can crush steel with enough effort. She is extremely embarrassed about these things, however, and keeps them wrapped up.

Personality Edit

Akra is a very careful person. She makes sure that everything is in order before trying anything, and is not one to make rash decisions if she doesn't have to. She can be somewhat of a worrywart, and fusses over small things often.

She has a habit of hiding her feelings. She has been wearing the mask for a long time, so she's used to others not being able to read her expression

Abilities Edit

Natural Abilities Edit

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Gained Abilities Edit

As of right now she has no training, and relies heavily on her natural finesse.

Untapped Potential Edit

Akra holds the blood of Dragonids, meaning that she holds a lot of power. The "Dragon's Eye of Dominion" lies only in her right eyes, so she hasn't realized that she has it. It's possible that she has more Dragonid related powers.

Other Forms Edit

Arachnid Form Edit

On command, Akra can change into a form in which she embraces her Arachnid heritage and turns into a scorpion-looking beast. In this form all of her natural abilities are enhanced, as well as she gains almost a foot in height. Due to it being her go-to form of fighting, it is quite powerful.