Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Naomi | Aimi
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Height -
Blood type
Age 45
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation The Black King | Hadari
Species Kitsune
Base of Operations Black King's Citadel
Weapons None
Current Occupation Member of the Dark Army
Fighting Style None
Partner - None
Team Dark Army
Relatives Naomi (Sister | Aimi (Sister)
Marital Status Single

Akasuki is a demonic Nine Tails Kitsune hailing from the Yokai Village of Echo, who seems obsessed with challenging her younger sister Naomi for some manner of power. She is incredibly demented due to her past, and is a dangerous foe, even for those who would normally consider an entity like herself a non threat.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Akasuki appears as an incredibly voluptuous woman with incredibly long blonde hair and crimson red eyes. Like other kitsune, she possesses fox ears and nine fox tails. She prefers revealing clothing to limit the restriction of movement she feels, also citing a desire to not associate with the shame of men. Her face may initially convey a flirtatious personality, but she is truthfully more on the lines of a perpetual mania, often fighting with a crazed expression.

Akasuki is an incredibly violent, psychopathic, and hate filled being who enjoys treating men like filth, most notably due to the way the world of men practically raised the Kitsune. She freely exerts her distorted desires on her victims, men finding themselves the target of her most aggressive tendencies, a male may prefer suicide rather than become her plaything, as to her, the moment they lose in battle, is the moment they become nothing but an object to satisfy her 'hunger'.

It is very unlikely Akasuki could ever be reasoned with, as her primary obsessions is indulging her endless craving of carnal desire and power, two things that she is likely to constantly chase her whole life. Above all she seeks the ultimate blessing of the Great Masked Spirit so that she may become the destined supreme Alpha of the Yokai. To this end she is even willing to find and kill her sisters Aimi and Naomi.

History Edit

Akasuki is one of the oldest of the children of her family, and was born with parents who assumed she was a normal child. However on her fifth birthday, she sprouted her first tails and ears, condemning her to inhumane treatment for the rest of her life. Once she reached adolescence, and her womanly figure began to show, she was initiated in the family business of Mythic Trafficking and was slowly trained into a privately owned whore for a wealthy lord of a nearby region, whom she would serve mindlessly, having been reduced to a drone barely capable of self awareness due to extensive mental modification and conditioning.

However, her master made a terrible mistake, and began to teach her to read. This one freedom slowly lead to self awareness, and in turn, loathing of her lot in life. This loathing was internalized into the deepest core of her being, leading soon to her true awakening after 18 years of age. Upon realizing her true power as a Ninetails Kitsune, she without warning murdered her owner and turned his entire estate into her own private fortress, enslaving all the males in the property and freeing her fellow Kitsune, who soon adopted her world views, and together they formed a cabal dedicated to enacting vengeance on humans, especially men, by inducing the same slavery unto them, while turning their females into brand new Kitsune.

Sometime later, she would meet a mysterious black cloaked figure with an irresistible offer- -a chance to create a new world... in which she could be free from all control and masters. She greedily agreed, and soon discovered even more power than she could possibly imagine...

Relationships Edit

Naomi Edit

Naomi is a fixation of Akasuki's, seen as a rival for a power that Akasuki craves and will do anything to get. Her relationship with Naomi before her madness is not known, but it appears as though Akasuki dislikes her sister's opposing view of men, referring to it as licking the boots of men.

Aimi Edit

Hadari Edit

Akasuki and Hadari appear to be conspiring together towards an unknown goal, with Akasuki being promised some manner of additional power. Her loyalty is strong enough to take all other offers and reject them without pause.

Powers Edit

Disaster Manipulation Edit

Akasuki can induce violent calamities upon the land she dwells in, unleashing destructive events ranging from tornadoes and earthquakes, to volcanic eruptions, meteors, and plague.

Curse Inducement Edit

Enslave Edit

Seduction Edit

Master Trickster Edit

Titanic Strength Edit

Akasuki possesses strength far outside the normal range of most of her kin, able to contend with dragons with great ease. She is said to have crushed mountains at some point.

Fox Fire Edit

Fire Magic Edit

Transcendant Kitsune Physiology Edit

Yokai Lordship Edit

Yokai Transformation Inducement Edit

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