Honor and Defend.
Daddy's Girl
Boss Lady
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 1944
Family Obi (Adoptive Father),Segura (Adoptive Brother),Torem (Adoptive Sister, Reveryn (Adoptive Brother)
Status Active
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Red
Height 5'5
Blood type A
Age 144
Weight 190
Health Outstanding
Affiliation The Junkyosha Party
Species Dragon-Human
Base of Operations The Slums (formerly)
Weapons Chaos Gauntlets
Current Occupation Martyr/Equalist Leader
Fighting Style Tae Bo,Traditional Karate,Way of the Obi
Partner Segura,Torem,Reveryn,Kado
Team The Frontliners
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown OST - AKIRA - Stat
Blazblue Central Fiction - Stand Unrivaled

Akami is a Dragon-Human hybrid and co-leader of The Junkyosha Party and field leader of the Frontliners.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Akami is 5'3 muscular female with red eyes and red hair. She wears a white gi, black leggings, and white gloves with gold-emerlad gauntlets. Akami has most of her hair in a sing roll and has it pinned with one dragon hair pine. She also has her lips slightly glossed.

Akami is best described as patriotic, hard-working, and prideful in her work. She is defense of every she knows and is very supportive of those she considers allies or family. She can tend to be abit short-tempered and will hold a grudge. Akami also can't stand not doing something productive.

History Edit

Abilities and Skills Edit

Supernatural Condition Edit

Enhanced Invulnerability Edit

Enhanced Endurance Edit

Enhanced Intelligence Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Enhanced Senses Edit

Enhanced Vision Edit

Fear Masking Edit

Magic Immunity Edit

Omnilingualism Edit

Thermal Resistance Edit

The Cirlce of Balance Edit

This technique comes in a form of a golden Ying/Yang symbol stretched out one the ground. Anything that comes into the circle has their powers sealed, leaving only their physical attribute

Speed-Hitting TechniqueEdit

Akami can use this techinque to deliever multiple hits in mere seconds

Desintegrating Heart TechiqueEdit

Akami can hit certain pressure-points in the abdominal area to literally disentegrate the heart or knocking someone out.

Chaos AttacksEdit

Hana-Ken Edit

A cone-like green fire projectile. Akami's main projectile attack

Hana-Ken ChargeEdit

A double-fisted charge attack with fully charged gauntlets

Hana-Ken DiveEdit

An airborne, downward Hana-Ken Charge.

Shotgun Hana-KenEdit

An over-charged Hana-Ken shot off causing a push-back and is 1.5x faster than a normal Hana-Ken.

Chaos Endo-burstEdit

A powerful one-handed green fireball. If comes into another projectile attack, is able to force its way through it.

Chaos Shoryu-CannonEdit

A small uppercut followed a large rising uppercut with gauntlets fully charged

Chaos WaveEdit

Akami sweeps her hand arcross the ground in a straight line, sending a line of green fire in the proccess

Chaos BreakerEdit

Akami forms a small green sphere that she fires an opponent. The sphere itself phases through whatever sort of matter and explodes it from the inside.

Chaos Eruption One of Akami's most powerful Chaos attacks. Once her gauntlets are fully charge, Akami can release a powerful eruption of green fire that can span over miles

The Five Locked Palms of VictoryEdit

Kiro-Hibaki Edit

Akami places her hands on the ground and pillars of chaos sprout from the ground and continue to sprout in any give direction

Bullet Claw PalmEdit

A series of rapid fast palm strikes with fingers pointed outward

Weapons Edit

Chaos Gauntlets Edit

The Chaos Gauntlets augment her already existent attributes aswell as give her short to long ranged attacks

Relationships Edit

Obi Edit

Akami has always expressed Obi as her father as she's been around Obi for the longest time than anyone else. Akami has always been defensive against anyone who either talks wrong about him or does wrong to him. There's nothing Akami wouldn't do for Obi, whether he appreciates it or not. This level of dedication may come from her holding on to the memory of what Obi used to be or her guilt over what had happened to him.

Segura Edit

Akami has a very strained relationship when it comes to Segura. Though Segura is the second person she's known for the the longest time, Segura's overall attitude towards her and other ticks her off. They'd often get into fights fairly easily, mostly resulting with Akami beating him to the ground. Though they've gotten a little better over the years, Akami waits to have a reason to sock Segura in his face.

Torem Edit

Akami and Torem get along fairly well. Akami usually enjoys Torem as a sparring partner as she's the only one capable of giving her a good enough challenge. Though on Torem's side she's abit indifferent towards Akami and her dedication to The Party, Akami still treats her like family.

Reveryn Edit

Akami enjoys having Reveryn around as he's usually upbeat and jolly, which she openly accepts (especially if it keeps her from watching the kids). Akami is protective of Reveryn knowing that he can't take as much as she, Segura, and Torem can but does fight it adorable when he wants to mount up to them.

Kado Edit

Akami takes a liking to Kado as she counts him as her first actual friend, even though his depression phases annoys her sometimes. Knowing that he's suffering from a problem, she is forever willing to have his back if he ever needs it and will tough it out as long as it takes until then.


  • Even though Akami is Chinese, she bears a Japanese name, due to Obi assuming the latter.
  • Akami's name means 'Redness' on the account of her red hair and eyes.
  • Akami's original name was Fā hóng which also means 'Redness'.
  • The meaning of 'Redness' in both of her names don't implicate color but rather an inflamation. Obi usually jokes on her about it by refering to her breast size.
  • During her teenage years, she once held amorous feelings towards Obi.
  • Akami is a fan of wuxias and youxias.
  • Akami's favorite season is Autumn.
  • Akami's father was a Tianlong, a Chinese dragon that would serve as a chariot to the heavens. Her mother was a shrine-maiden.
  • Akami ,at one point, was trained in Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee himself.
  • Akami is the only Myth in The Slums that's Asian.
  • Akami has had a number of pets as she grew up. 5 in total.
    • Her first pet was an Asian toad she named 'Huángsè'
    • Her second pet was an Amazon-horned frog she named 'Longface'
    • Her third pet was an alligator-snapping turtle she named 'Gamera'
    • Her fourth pet was a frilled lizard she named 'Ms.Frizzle'
    • Her fifth pet was a green iguana she named 'Zilla'
  • Even thought Akami is attracted to shiny objects, this trait isn't common in Chinese dragons; but rather in European dragons instead.
  • Even though Akami adopted Obi's last name, 'Stormman'. Her real last name would've been 'Long'.
  • Akami, like Obi, is capable of walking on all fours.
  • Akami knows 120 fighting styles but only utilizes 10 of them.