Akamaru Ryuzetsu
If the Boss gives me permission, I can kick you into next week.
Kohaku's Sharp Tounge
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date November 12
Family Unknown Mother

Unknown Father(Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Red
Height 5'6
Blood type A
Age 20
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Health Healthy
Affiliation Kohaku's Three Dragons, Darkaria Kingdom, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad
Weapons None
Species Dragonian(Ryuzetsu)
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Kohaku's Three Dragons
Abilities Super Human Strength, Super Human Speed, Fire Magic, Enhanced Senses, Dragon Tongue, Transformation
Fighting Style Dragon Fury
Partner Kohaku Ryuga, Kimahara Ryuga, Hisui Ryusukeru, Orenii Ryuhifu
Team Kohaku's Three Dragon's
Relatives Granny (Adopted Mother)

Numerous Adopted Siblings

Marital Status Single


Akamaru was born to a human father and a dragon mother but has never seen his mother due to the 'Dragon's Curse' until he caught a glimpse of her when she helped bury his father after he died, due to said curse, after 5 years of Akamaru being born. Sometime later his village was attacked by a small amount of Hozuki's soldiers. He was forced to flee, and along the way he met Orenii and Hisui. They traveled to a town where they would pickpocket and occasionally fight against gangs, which from the experience is how they learned to fight. After noticing the towns cathedral being over run by fallen angels and women being kidnapped they decided to take matters into their own hands. They began getting the upper hand, but they suddenly got taken out. Before they where finished off, a pink flash appeared in front of their eyes and within that flash all the fallen angels were killed. The man approached them asking if they were alright and asked the woman beside them to heal the three.

After the man searches the cathedral for surviving women, he comes back with two survivors who had only human babies. The three we're grateful and asked to be the mans subordinates to which he agreed. He asked for their names to which they've given their names, and due to seaing their abilities he was able to deduce their family names. They asked for the man and womans name to which they replied Kohaku Ryuga and Kimahara Ryuga respectively.


Akamaru has red hair styled into a mohawk and braided at the end that reaches to hid mid back held by a dark purple bead. He has yellow eyes with slit cat like pupils. He wears a skin tight black sleeveless shirt, grey pants tucked under knee guards, and knee high boots with multiple straps. He also wears arm guards and shoulder straps. He also has a tongue piercing.


Generally foul mouthed, and disrespectful. Despite that he shows mostly respect towards Kohaku and Kimahara for saving him and giving him a home. He generally argues a lot with Hisui in such cases he gives her death threats which usually ends with him getting humiliated, but he doesn't get discouraged. Despite this he does see Hisui and Orenii as his sister and brother. Just like Kohaku he generally despises fallen angels and doesn't hesitate to kill one, but also like Kohaku he has a code of honor in which he won't attack children, women, or those already weakened. In his fighting style he usually has his hands in his pockets, this is due to him saying he'd rather not "dirty his hands against unworthy opponents", which shows a bit of arrogance.


Super Human Strength

Super Human Speed

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Expert Close Combat

Fire Magic/Manipulation/Mimicry/Martial Arts

Dragon's Tongue




He doesn't use any weapons.