Endlos Guard No. 3 Aka
Important Information
Gender Definitely Female...
Birth Date 12/11
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Navy Blue
Height 7"11'
Blood type O+
Age 26
Weight 100 Pounds
Health Surprisingly good
Affiliation Anti-Hero / Endlos Safety And Protection
Species Endlos
Base of Operations Twin Valleys
Current Occupation Endlos Guard
Fighting Style Street Fighting
Partner Pixel
Team Endlos Guard
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

History Edit

Appearance & Attitude / Personality Edit

Aka is a white female with long, silky navy blue hair and normally a revealing outfit and flirty attitude. She wears a dark red ring that gives various powers.

Powers Edit

Strength Edit

Can lift five times her weight. (100lbs)

Shape-Shifting Edit

Can manipulate her physical form.

Flirtation Edit

Can make any man fall for her. Does not work on strong-willed men (Extremely stupid or as by-the-book as it gets), most taken individuals, women, or people she actually likes.

Regeneration Edit

Can regenerate any wound in little time.

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