Fox Child
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Naomi (Sister) | Akasuki (Sister)
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type O+
Age 14
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation None
Species Kitsune
Base of Operations The Mythological Phenomena Department
Weapons None
Current Occupation Resident at the MPD
Fighting Style None
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Naomi, Akasuki
Marital Status Single

Aimi is a young Kitsune Yokai originally from Yokai Village in Echo, who has lived her life as an animal and only recently has regained humanity.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Aimi is a young Kitsune with a rather small, petite stature and form, with long, untamed hair and blue eyes. She sports fox ears and two fox tails, both snow white like her hair. She wears simple clothing donated by the Mythological Phenomena Department, though she lacks any understanding of its importance.

Aimi is childish and simple, unable to speak more than a few words, largely in part to her upbringing as an animal rather than being treated as a human. She has no comprehension of manners or society by in large, and teaching her proves incredibly difficult. She is often very easily excited, upon being riled up, she tends to forget speech in favor of canine like yips. She is easily terrified, unable to process things like a normal individual. When forced into a corner due to dangerous situations, she may revert into a kitsune form and act out of aggressive defensive behaviors.

History Edit

Aimi was born in the Yokai Village in Echo, born to a Shapeshifter mother and human father, both of whom carried the Yokai Curse. When she was born, her family watched her with great suspicion, knowing the likelihood of her turning out to be a Kitsune, and limited her education and social interactions. Upon this being proven true, it was quickly determined she had no physical attributes that would make her attractive in the family Mythic Trafficking business as a prostitute, and so was instead forced to endure inhumane retraining into an animal mind, to the point the girl lived like the animal she would gradually take the shape of, due to the sheer reduction of her mind to such a point.

She would live as nothing more than an animal, a fancy canine pet for many years until she escaped by accident one night, and was rescued by Tori, whose compassion caused her to begin to remember the sensation of humanity, and thus regained her previous state of being from all those years ago, though reawakened with a baby like mind.

Relationships Edit

Tori Edit

She really likes the Tengu, almost in a pet like manner. She has a similar attachment to him as a dog to a master.

Clare Edit

Clare makes her nervous, but trusts that Tori will keep her safe from the odorless abnormal human.

Arnny Edit

She appears to like Arnak in spite of his easily angered temperament, but this paradoxical view may change if he becomes overly aggressive.

Powers Edit

Ice Magic Edit

Aimi possesses natural affinities to Ice Magic, but lacks any discipline, often doing it in spur of the moment actions and by and large is not capable of control even on minor levels.

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