Aeon is a Deity and a former member of the Aetherae, a peaceful race of beings that was killed off long ago for an unknown reason. She holds the title of the Second Strongest Being in and out of Existence along with her spouse Astra.

TAG 126484
Aeon's female form
The Whimsical Deity
The Goddess of Will and Power
The Highborn
Important Information
Gender Female(Formerly Male)
Birth Date Unknown
Family Astra(Spouse)

Lillia(Adoptive Daughter) Chaos(Half-Brother) Alexian(Half-Brother) Alisa(Sister-in-Law) Corona Cissna "Flaemis"(Half-Niece) Regalia Auroria "Aeros"(Half-Nephew)

Status Alive
Eye Color Iridescent
Hair Color Iridescent
Height Varies
Blood type Ether
Age Approximately 9,878,314,652
Weight Varies
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Neutral
Species Stellos-Deity
Base of Operations Aeon's Realm
Weapons Ragnarok, Aeon Slayer, Sword of Wood, Paranoia, Mu
Current Occupation Dimensional Boundary Guardian, Deity
Fighting Style Art of Ages Past, Art of Futures Unseen
Partner Astra- Spouse
Team Primal Forces
Relatives Alexian, Anira, Corona, Regalia
Marital Status Married


Early Life as an Aetherae

Aeon was born as a female Aetherae named Gaea. The first fourteen years of her life were peace filled and enjoyable, but she could not help feeling the need for a change of pace. On her fifteenth birthday, Gaea's wish was granted, she was chosen to become a Scion, one of the twenty-four guardians of the Aetherae. Gaea was overjoyed because this would allow her to travel across Aethera and escape the repeating cycle of life that she endured in her home town.

Adventures as Scion

Almost a year later, having completed the training neccessary to act as a Scion, Gaea received her first mission: she was to investigate the Velzan Mountains, a sacred mountain range that had began to glow and rumble. Upon reaching the mountain range, Gaea was trapped in a brutal ice storm. With no place to take shelter, Gaea was forced to traverse the range despite the trecherous conditions and, after great hardship, eventually reached the Peak of Velzan, the tallest mountain within the Velzan Mountains. Here, she saw a great beacon of light that turned out to be the source of the glowing mountain range phenomena. Finding no way to stop the beacon, Gaea left the Velzan Mountains, inadvertantly dooming her race.

Signs of Catastrophy and Transformation

Following the completion of her mission, Gaea was tasked with examining several other sacred sites that exhibited strange activity and reporting her findings. Accompanied by two other Scions, Gaea traveled to the first site, the Tower of Yore. Despite a thorough investigation, nothing strange could be found until the trio began to leave the tower. As the three left, an unidentifiable construct attacked them. Finding no conventional way to stop the construct, Gaea and Co. were forced to collapse the the tower on top of the construct, effectively destroying it. The party then moved on to the next site, the Skyholme Ruins. Here, they encounter increasingly aggressive animals and spirits. It is here that Gaea sees a glimpse of her destiny.

Eventually, Gaea and Co. travel to their final destination, The Shining Capital, where a thick darkness has settled. Unnerved, Gaea and the others slowly investigate the city and, eventually reach its center, where a Chimera-like monster has taken residence. A long battle ensues, resulting in one of Gaea's fellow Scions sacrificing herself to destroy the beast. This, however, reveals another beacon that awakens a another monster, one that swiftly decimates the majority of Aethera's life before fleeing into space.

Left nearly alone, Gaea's grief attracts the spirits of the majority of her race, whom infuse their anger, sorrow and desire for retribution into her. Empowered by these emotions, Gaea becomes a being that transcends the confines of a mortal body and flies into space to avenge her race. After years of chasing the celestial monster, she finally catches up to it and engages it in a battle that ultimately results in her becoming an entirely different creature.

The following millennia go by slowly for Gaea, now calling herself Rache. Rache drifts across the cosmos, occasionally entering skirmishes as a freelancer, bringing victory to whom ever she served. Eventually, Rache drifted into a deep slumber that lasted several millions years.

Time as Noah

Rache, after crashing into a planet called Kaster, awakens and forgets her previous role, adopting a male persona called Noah. As Noah, Aeon's power began to manifest as weapons, techniques and, eventually, a knight-like construct that called itself Rhea(In actuality, it is Gaea's spirit manifesting itself to watch over Aeon.). A few years pass and Noah becomes a renowned swordsman and mage on Kaster. He eventually comes into the service of seemingly benevolent king, who wants him to investigate and end a series of curses that are targeting his people. Noah and Rhea begin their investigation and find out about about a sect within the kingdom that wants to overthrow the king.

As Noah and Rhea's investigation continues, they come across a Werewolf, named Xiao, who is being attacked by some of the kingdom's knights. He proceeds to defend her, which causes Xiao consider Noah as a potential partner, and the three begin to investigate the king's history. Following a lead from a former knight, the trio meet a Serpent named Nero, who decides to join them on their investigation of the king and provides a vital piece of information that reveals that the king is in fact the one behind the curses.

Noah and Co. confront the king about this, but their information is used against them. which results in Xiao's imprisonment and Noah, Rhea and Nero becoming fugitives. The trio then splits up to train and liberate the kingdom. During this time, Noah awakens to more of his abilities and meets Astra , a Great Wyrm. Initailly, they distrust each other and their distrust quickly escalates into a battle that shakes the multiverse. The two continue their battle, growing stronger as time passes, eventually reaching a draw and become intimate over time. Not long afterwards, Rhea appears and challenges Noah to a battle that she claims will awaken his full potential. Noah is hesitant to fight his oldest friend, but engages her anyways. A difficult battle ensues for him as Rhea has become over a thousand times stronger than him, but eventually Noah defeats her and regains his memories as Gaea and Rache. After accepting his past, Noah awakens the majority of his power and prepares to save Xiao and the kingdom.

Noah's End, Aeon's Beginning

Noah, accompanied by Astra and Nero, sneak back into the kingdom, which has degraded because of the king's actions. The trio encounter Xiao, who does only recognizes Noah and attacks Tatsu and Nero with savage ferocity and strength. Noah eventually snaps her back to her sense by announcing his feelings for Astra, which stops Xiao in her tracks and causes her to sulk. Nero comforts her, eventually gaining her affection, and the newly formed quartet faces the king, who has since become a monster that feeds on life energy. Despite the party's strength and skill, they find them self losing their battle with the king until Noah sacrifices himself to save the his allies from a deadly attack.

Noah's death causes Astra and Nero to reveal their true forms as the Great Wyrm and Leviathan, while Xiao's full power is unleashed. The trio begins to make a comeback against the king, but it reveals its trump card and begins to absorb their life. As victory becomes a near impossibility, Noah is revived as Aeon and swiftly slays the king, bringing peace to the kingdom.

Refining and Compiling

Soon after the king's defeat, Aeon and Co. Settled down on Kaster. Aeon continued Noah's relationship with Astra , eventually becoming engaged and Soul Bound to her, Xiao marries Nero and Soul Bonds with him and peace is maintained on Kaster until Aeon gets sick. Aeon begins to black out at random moments and would often lose control of his powers, which caused natural disasters and supernatural phenomena to occur all over Kaster and its neighboring planets.

Understanding that the situation was dire, Astra, Nero and Xiao began looking for ways to cure their friend. Aeon became the subject of multiple potions, poultices and poisons, which often worsened his condition over all. His friends became desperate and began to give up, when Aeon came to understand his condition: He was not sick, his powers were overwhelming him because he was not completely in control of them. With this new found knowledge, Aeon managed to create a gateway to an alternate dimension, where he trained himself to use every ability he had and developed a few new ones. During this training session, Aeon traveled to another world and acquired the Demon Sword, Ragnarok, his signature weapon, and the ability to transform into his true form.

Aeon continued his training, developing aspects of himself and alternate versions of himself, until he reached the point where his power grew exponentially to keep up with his potential. Ultimately, he surpassed everyone and everything in the multiverse in power, leading to him training in outside of reality's and existence's confines. It was here that Aeon met Alara, the only being that could and did surpass him. Aeon began striving to surpass Alara, but remembered that he had people to return to, so he returned to Kaster.

Changing Times

When Aeon returned to Kaster, several thousand years had passed. Astra had grown tired of waiting for him to return and sealed away her powers and memories so that she could live an ordinary life, Nero and Xiao had a family of four and his group's story had been long forgotten. Aeon began to wander Kaster, hoping to meet Tatsu again and release her memories, but had no luck finding her until he arrived on an island country.

When Aeon found Astra, he was overjoyed, but his joy soon led to heart break when he learned that she hated the person who left her in the past and had since became engaged to a wealthy ruler. He then decided to befriend Astra rather than make her remember him and their connection. Over time, the two grew closer and he learned that Astra had begun to remember her past and her feelings for her soon to be husband were becoming conflicted. Aeon attempts to comfort Astra, but was mistaken as a person trying to woo her by her fiance and was attacked. Aeon defended himself and accidentally revealed his true self to Astra, which caused her to become more confused, unstable and led to her hating him. Aeon, saddened by this, decided he would no longer appear in her life to keep her from becoming unstable and confused. Aeon did not realize that this decision would cost him.

A few years passed and Astra finally married the ruler, which slightly saddened Aeon because of his feelings for her. Eventually, Aeon gets over his feeling for Astra, but he continued to watch over her like a guardian. One day, the Island country was attacked by a rampaging demon that almost no one could stop causing Aeon to seek Astra to protect her. When he found her, he was attacked by her husband, who was under the impression that Aeon wanted to take his wife. During this time, the demon found the three of them and Aeon, along with Astra's husband, were forced to fend off the demon. The Demon, being no match for Aeon or Astra's husband, Kensei, under normal circumstances, feigned death and waited until the warriors' had turned away to launch a surprise attack on them. Aeon pushed Kensei out of the attack's way and prepared to defend himself, but he was surprised when Astra, having fully regained her memories, not realizing that he was invulnerable to the attack, jumped in front of him and took the blow, receiving a mortal injury. Aeon and Kensei, enraged and grief stricken, destroyed the demon with extreme prejudice, leaving no remains. They quickly turned to Astra, who was taking her last breaths, and attempted to heal her, but Astra stopped them and confessed her feelings for Aeon to Kensei, who finally began to understand why Aeon was with Astra on multiple occasions. She then promised to meet them again before passing on, leaving Aeon and Kensei to mourn for the woman they loved. Aeon then, after deciding to find Astra again, decides to make Kensei his first apprentice and search for Astra.

Apprentices and a Fated Encounter

Millennia pass and as Aeon trains Kensei, now calling himself Shion, who eventually chooses to go on a journey. Aeon allows this and he begins looking another apprentice. He soon finds one in an Aetherae named Lillia, who survived the xenocide of Aethera because of a Dimensional Symbol. Aeon begins training Lillia, who shows great potential, but has a dark nature, to b like him. Eventually, Lillia reaches the same amount of power as Aeon, but lacks the ability to control it, so the majority of her power is converted into physical strength. Aeon continues to progress his training with Lillia until she calls it off and begins following Aeon around as a disciple. One day, Aeon comes across a Demon-Angel hybrid, who mistakes Aeon as a threatening being and attacks him only to be utterly crushed in the ensuing battle. Aeon then decides to train the hybrid until he is strong enough to end his own hardships and contend with Lillia, despite the differences in their strength. He then lets the hybrid choose his own destiny, but tells him that they will meet again. Aeon then decides to sleep until he is needed again.

Time Asleep and the Reunion

Aeon sleeps, physically, for hundreds of thousands of years, while his spirit roams the multiverse. As he travels, he comes across a familiar aura, one he had not felt since he had met Shion. Following the aura, Aeon's spirit finds the body of Astra . This causes him to become melancholy and remember her sacrifice. Deciding to let her rest in peace, Aeon's spirit leaves the area only to find that he is being followed. Eventually, Aeon's spirit confronts this follower and sees Astra. The two properly reunite and reaffirm their vows before having a tender moment. Aeon then promises that he will marry her soon after he fully reawakens. He proceeds to explain his adventures after her death and his apprentices.

Around this time, Lillia meets Astra and the two face each other to test the other's strength, resulting in an overwhelming victory for Astra, who has strength on par with Aeon's. The two grow to respect one another and agree to watch over Aeon until his awakening. Soon afterward, Aeon begins to stir...


As Gaea

Aeon's personality is different in each incarnation of him. As Gaea, Aeon was an adventurous young woman, who was quite mature for her age.

As Rache

As Rache, Aeon was much more sullen and morbid. She lacked the self-preservation instinct and was drawn to conflicts, the only times and places that allowed her to feel that her existence had meaning.

As Noah

As Noah, Aeon became both laid back and serious. He would often act as the voice of reason and was often quite calm. He was also quite protective of his allies, as seen when he sacrificed himself to save Astra, Xiao and Nero.

As Aeon

As Aeon, Aeon is all over the place emotionally, but retains his maturity and protective nature. At times, he has a sadistic streak, which only appears when he trains other beings, and has become fickle over time. Despite this, Aeon tries to maintain an unbiased view in all situations.  


Aeon has a wide varity of forms and appearances.

As Gaea

As Gaea, Aeon was a young woman with cyan hair that extended slightly past her shoulders and emerald eyes. She also had an alluring figure and a heart shaped face. She often wore a traditional Aetherae blouse with blue khakis, grey slip-on shoes and a crescent moon shaped earring. As a Scion, Gaea's attire switched from traditional to somewhat gothic and witch like. She wore a black and violet corset under a grey vest. Above that, she wore a violet torso length cloak with golden spaulders and the Scion emblem, A swirling branch. She also wore a black, knee length, skirt with black, thigh-high, stockings and black, slip-on, shoes. She is fifteen years old in traditional clothes and sixteen to seventeen years old as a Scion.

As Rache

As Rache, Aeon looked like a more mature Gaea with violet hair, that went well beyond her feet, and bitter crimson eyes. She wore a white, tattered cloak over silver cargo pants and a shirt that stopped above her midriff and silver, armor-like boots. Her right arm, from elbow to finger tips, was clad in a silver gauntlet with pointed fingers. She carried a rugged greatsword around. She looks about twenty-six years old.

As Noah

As Noah, Aeon had raven black hair and azure eyes. He was tall and lanky, but evenly toned with a light tan and handsome features. He wore a gauntlet and armlet on his right arm, a white, skin tight, shirt under a grey, short sleeved, low cut, jacket. He also wore Black cargo pants with silver and gold armored shoes. He carried around an ebony longsword. He looks about twenty years old.

As Aeon

As himself, Aeon wears a black, skin-tight, polyester like, shirt under a tan, tattered, cloak, dark grey cargo pants, anklets above silver, armored, shoes, a pair of clawed gauntlet's with ornate, cinder block-like guards that span from his wrist to his elbow and a silver sash around his waist. His face is a mixture of Noah's and Gaea's, with wild, iridescent, hair and eyes that constantly change colors. He often carries around Ragnarok or Aeon Slayer, his strongest swords. He looks about fourteen years old. When his true form is revealed, Aeon has Gaea's body, wrapped in white and blue sashes with a vermilion crystal growing form her right breast. Her eyes are a dull red, while her skin and hair glow pale blue. Behind the sashes, there is a pair of massive, white, blue and grey, wings that form the shape of a massive doorway.



Aeon's fiance and greatest supporter because of their bond. She's often softer around Tatsu and would protect her like she would a princess if she was a knight. At times their relationship seems strained, but that is because of their difference in opinions or ideas.


One of Aeon's greatest friends along with Xiao. The two have a rivalry of sorts, but that rivalty stems from the respect they have towards one another,

Dark Prynce

One of Aeon's apprentices. Aeon thinks of him as a younger sibling and is generally willing to help him out or give him advice. Aeon took a liking to him during their first meeting and "coerced" him to train with her until he was closer to his current self. After meeting him again, the two became as thick as thieves. Like the other two apprentices, Aeon respects his decisions, but will interfere if she deems Dark Prynce's actions to be too reckless. She would also annihilate the person who managed to seriously injure Dark Prynce if they were bitter enemies.


One of Aeon's apprentices. She thinks of Lillia as a daughter of sorts and sees a vast amount of untapped potential in her. They initially did not get along, but over time Aeon grew attached to her and waits for the day to come when she surpasses her.


Another apprentice of Aeon. Aeon sees Shion as a younger brother due to the amount of time that they've known each other. He and Aeon share similar personalities and hobbies along with a similar fighting style. Aeon treats Shion as an equal rather than a trainee because of his strength, intellect and determination, but finds it somewhat annoying that her first apprentice is lazy. As she would with all of the others she cares about, Aeon would gladly protect Shion should he be required to. 


Bitter Enemies. Dark Aeon and Aeon can't even get close to each other without causing a catastrophe that affects multiple universes because they naturally repel one another. The two occasionally join forces, but will often end up fighting before they can finish their tasks.


Polar opposites, yet remarkably similar. Anti-Aeon and Aeon share an odd relationship because of their link with one another. While Aeon does not neccesarily hate or resent Anti-Aeon, she is quite wary of her and deems her as an enemy when their goals contradict. Unlike his bond with Dark Aeon, Aeon and Anti-Aeon are drawn to one another.


The full extent of Aeon and Endlos' relationship is unknown, but it is clear that Aeon has history with the king of the Endlos race.


Aeon's arch-nemesis. Just mentioning the very name of the doctor around Aeon is enough to cause her to partially enter Dark God Mode. He is responsible for Aeon's current Stellos body. Volmond is the only being Aeon deems to be a major threat to everything. 

Abilities and Skills

Ruler of Authority

Aeon exists in this universe as a Major God governing power in simple terms. In more complex terms, Aeon governs more than simply power, but instead the various Authorities that in turn govern the powers within them. When not bound by a universe, Aeon is more than a Major God and instead takes on the role of an omnipotent being lacking a universe to govern, and thus she created a realm for herself. As the Ruler of Authority, Aeon also has the power of the Authorities she controls, but only chooses to use a select few at any given time. In addition to this- or, more so in spite of this- Aeon possesses the all around attributes that make her nearly impossible to harm and strong enough to make anyone regret crossing her path.

Pain Suppression

Aeon can dull or entirely ignore pain. 


Aeon can choose to banish beings to alternate dimensions, often for training. She can also recall them to the current dimension he is in.

Energy Generation

Aeon naturally produces more energy, but the cost of her abilities grows accordingly.

Planet Crash

Aeon grabs an opponent and crashes them through the nearest planet. Often used in space combat.

Spacial Whorl

Aeon performs a roundhouse kick that creates an expanding, swirling wave of energy. The energy wave is always a fourth of the current battlefield Aeon is on.

Composition Beams

Aeon fires a barrage of energy beams while conducting a short musical score.

Psycho Driver

Aeon teleports, grabs an opponent, teleports again, then smashes them into the ground.

Warp Punch

Aeon gathers strength then punches an opponent at full strength, warping directly to their location if they are within her line of sight.

EX Raid

Aeon kicks an opponent with enough force to send them flying far. She then flies after them and delivers a fierce combination of punches, kicks, elbows, knees and claws, followed by a spinning axe kick. Leads to Aeonic Fusillade or Raging Titanomachia.

Aeonic Fusillade

A follow up attack for EX Raid. Aeon grabs the opponent's leg or the closest thing to one and throws them into the air. She then materializes thousands of energy balls with different non-elemental properties and rapidly fires them at her opponent before teleporting above them and firing a destructive beam of energy at them. Can be a stand alone attack.

Raging Titanomachia

A follow up attack for EX Raid. Aeon grabs the opponent and crashes them through the largest land form in the area before hurling them into the air and summoning seven copies of Ragnarok(Short Sword), one for her other hand and the others to float around her. Aeon then flies after the opponent and proceeds to slash them repeatedly with each short sword before turning each of them into Pinwheel Whip Swords and continuing the brutal assault. Eventually, Aeon allows all, but one of the Ragnaroks enter their Dragon form to charge up for an obliterating fireball. The seven dragons fire their fireballs, which fuse into a massive golden star, but before it reaches its target Aeon, equipped with Chaos Rifle Ragnarok, fires a pulse bullet into the fireball, causing a meteoric explosion. Can only be used to follow up EX Raid. 

Aeonic Gaze

One of Aeon's strongest attacks. It is conceptual as it forces the properties Paradoxical and Nonexistence on the target(s) and bypasses all abilities, barring Absolute Existence and Author Authority. The target is trapped within a seal that forces the past, present and future versions of them to merge. They are then torn from the confines of existence and forever lost to the void.

  • An enhanced version of it exists to work anywhere. This version combines every parallel universe and alternate reality versions of the target into one being and rewrites their existence into that of a Temporal Being forced to repeatedly destroy themselves.


Aeon's Strongest Physical Attack. She summons Ragnarok and supercharges herself before flying at the opponent at top speed. She proceeds to knock them back and forward across a large area, building momentum. Once enough momentum is built up, she kicks her opponent as hard as she can and springs after them with sword in tow. She proceeds to slash them thousands of times before springing off of them, spinning and preforming a piercing slash through them followed by an energy blast.

Evil Eye: Dim Requiem

Aeon unleashes one of the heavier restrictions upon herself, activating her Evil Eye. To simplify what happens, all within her gaze die, the bonds keeping them tethered to the universes being torn asunder. This attack goes beyond defense, immunity and Divine Protection, acting as a near-Smite, if not a full on Smite from the wandering god.

Awaken Asherah

Aeon unleashes the power of the original aspect of Chaos, Asherah. The repercussions of this are dire when matters are made light of and beyond cataclysmic when put in proper perspective as the universe lacks the fortitude to withstand such a force in the present.

Weapon Mastery

Aeon has mastered all weapons, but holds the highest proficiency with swords, gauntlets and spears.

Power Limitation/Suppression

Aeon has the ability to weaken herself to fight an opponent fairly or to suppress his power so that he does not stand out when he is trying to keep herself concealed or blend in with a crowd.

Rising Power

A trait unique to Aeon and her "Siblings." The longer a battle goes on, the greater amount of power she will acquire. This ability has a permanent effect on her activates the moment a battle begins.

Weapons and Equipment


A legendary spear said to have belonged once to King Arthur. True to its name, it is the most destructive of the three spears that the Aeonic Trio holds, having the power to obliterate opposition without fail over a large area when swung and a much greater area when thrown. When its second name is called in tandem with the command Slay, the spear gains a massive boost in power and will not fail to destroy all that oppose its wielder. Aeon has enchanted it with the return property to prevent her from losing it if she throws it a great distance away.


Aeon's signature sword and most versatile weapon due to its numerous forms. She acquired it in a different universe. It possesses the spirit- rather is the body and spirit- of a near god-like Demonic Dragon that tries to corrupt any wielder. It is actually one of three swords made from the remains of demonic dragons and is easily the most versatile of the trio, though it lacks in the sheer power power and other special abilities that its brother swords, Annihilation and Orochi, have respectively. It's forms are, but not limited to swords, spears, gauntlets, guns and whip-like weapons with a variety physical properties along side them.

Aeon Slayer

A sword crafted by Aeon with the power to slay her, but...

Omnipotent Sword: Sword of Wood

An odd sword that Aeon came across during her travels. It remains a mystery to her due to its power to both heal and slay. It is the only other weapon that can kill her, but only if its true power is released.


Another strange sword that entered Aeon's possession. While she can use the sword well, she cannot use its various forms. It belongs to someone important in the future.


A suit of armor that only reacts to Aeon, yet is not of her design. When activated, Aeon becomes Erde Ritter Merodach, Knight of Origin. When not active, the armor takes the form of a bangle. It's true power unknown.


Aeon's polymorphous cloak that also serves as a limiter of sorts. Its form shifts to fit her needs generally, but she can cause it to change shapes at will. While equipped Aeon essentially has an invisible arsenal, though she often forgets about it. Unlike Hikari and Yami, it is completely balanced and lacks a "Berserk" State. Instead it has a "Serene" State that maximizes its ability to counter attacks. It also holds the ability to unleash legions of machines and spirits and the ability to both draw in and repel.


Aeon DGM(Dark/Demon Goddess Mode)

Aeon's hair extends beyond shoulder length and turns deathly white. She grows a pair of black horns and fangs. Her cloak becomes a jacket similar to Noah's and turns white. She becomes extremely sadistic and has tranquil fury. Aeon's least favorite form, but one of her strongest forms. In Demon God Mode, Aeon's hair turns black and her eyes turn yellow with black sclera.

Feral/Primal Aeon

Aeon transforms into a silver and grey spectral scaled lupine beast with glowing symbols beneath her eyes. Six, wooden, mortuary tablets, inscribed with runes, float around her and rings of Ghost Fire spin around each of her paws. Primal Aeon is combination of his wolf form and her regular form, sporting wolfish ears, a tail, claw like digits and a wolf like spectre surrounding her. Aeon's most serious and ferocious form.

Aeon Energy Conservation Mode

Aeon shrinks down to three feet tall along with her equipment. Aeon's Strongest form when it comes to raw strength since she converts the majority of her mana and magical power into physical strength. She has an alternate version of this form that makes her appear in 16-bit. She looks about six years old and has a matching voice. This is her most seen form beside her normal form.

Final Aeon

Aeon's body matures a few years and her hair turns silver, losing its wild appearance. Two purple symbols appear beneath his eyes, now magenta. Her cloak becomes a tattered scarf and she now wears another sash and white suspenders. This is Aeon's third strongest form overall along with her most mature. This is her least seen form and has no strain on her.

Aeon -Chaos Mode-(Locked)-

Aeon's body ages ten years physically and her hair turns black with red, violet and gold highlights. Her eyes turn silver and her ears and skin become slightly reptilian. Aeon's cloak becomes a tattered black scarf that fades to red at the ends and the rest of his clothing gains pieces of armor, Aeon is level headed and cool in this form and capable of extreme brutality. The amount of power exhibited in this form is currently unknown.

Unlimited Aeon

Aeon sacrifices her physical vessel and a great deal of her life in order to unseal all of her power and forms it into a temporary vessel with infinite potential. Aeon is capable of performing actions that would be impossible for many beings for similar power in this form at the cost of his life. Aeon becomes a transparent, blue mass of energy in the shape of her true form and final form combined. After completing a specified action, Aeon is forced to recover all of her power and is reset to Gaea, without any memories of previous actions or experiences. This form is only active until a specific task that Aeon or others with equal or greater power combined could not do is completed and lasts, at most, for a minute. Activated by Aeon stating her true name.

Gaea II

Aeon after using her unlimited form. She becomes Gaea once again and remembers nothing, but the fundamentals of living in society and survival. Her hair is now black with violet, white, silver, blue and grey streaks, she looks a few years older and wears casual clothes that change to fit the environment. She lacks the ability to speak vocally. A rusted version of Ragnarok is always carried by her along with a pen and note pad. Lasts until Aeon is fully recovered or until Aeon is ready to return to normal.