Adel is one of the two heirs to the Eternal Castle, but is of no blood relation to Caim. Unlike Caim, Adel does not have amnesia.


Adel was not born as one of the heirs to the Eternal Castle, but was chosen through a series of grueling tests that would've made anyone with wavering determination buckle. Truthfully, to become an heir to the fabled location was the reason Adel was born, being groomed and trained from the time she could walk until relative adulthood to do just that. Everyday began with breakfast, training, rigorous testing and harsh exercises that lasted from dawn til midnight, molding her into the perfect candidate for the position as Heir.

Initially, Adel found this strenuous way of life to be difficult, but over the years the difficulty and her opinions regarding her forced life style became a dull segment in the back of her mind. By the time she reached Adolescence, Adel had cleared away any thoughts that did not pertain to succeeding the then Lord of the Eternal Castle, becoming the perfect candidate in the eyes of many. However, her position was not cemented in place, instead it was shared by a certain young man at the behest of the then lord of the castle, the person Adel would see as her rival.

The acknowledgement of Caim as a worthy heir confused everyone in the Eternal Court, Adel included. To her, the newly chosen candidate beside her was a blow to her pride because of the other's wishy-washy disposition and lack of training in all the areas she and others had been trained in to even be worthy of testing. These bitter feelings would often lead to Adel lashing out at Caim for no apparent reason(to him) and resulted in a one sided competition of sorts between the two, where Adel excelled in all of the tasks she was given while Caim would struggle for hours to complete even the simplest of tasks. Despite this, Adel was confused as to why the Eternal King preferred the boy over her as his heir.

One day, this came to a headway when Adel and Caim were told to duel before the Lord of the Eternal Castle. Adel, expecting her continued superiority, was surprised to find herself bested by the person she considered inferior in every way, further wounding her pride as she developed a begrudging respect for Caim. She would later be told directly by the Eternal King that her pride and need to be perfect in every way was the reason that she was not an ideal candidate in his eyes, even if the Eternal Court saw her as the most ideal heir. Adel was then told to make amends with Caim lest her candidacy be revoked, but before she could the Eternal Castle vanished, stranding her on Earth while Caim was nowhere to be found.

From here onwards, Adel began to search for her fellow candidate, realizing that there was something strange about the sudden disappearance of the castle and the Eternal Court, hoping to find answers along the way. During this time, she quickly noticed that she did not age nor hunger or thirst nor did she require rest or feel fatigue that was lasting. Adel also noticed that the most glancing of injuries would be healed the moment that they formed and that the most fatal of injuries would heal within the hour. Still her discoveries about herself did not detract from her search for Caim, possibly the only person she could guarantee was alive if he had gone through the same changes as her.

Eventually, Adel found herself on Echo, where her search continues without fail.


Adel was born with dusty grey hair and emerald eyes. She would be considered beautiful by many if not for the severe and cross expressions constantly on her face. Like Caim, she bears two crests on her back, one reading One Who Rules All Justly and the other reading Lordling of the Palace Forevermore.

Adel wears what appears to be a full wetsuit under thick pants and a breastplate that leaves her midriff bare aside from the pleated garb akin to a modern day turtle neck sweater with no sleeves. Over this she wears a robe like coat and a pair of circular wire framed spectacles. On her arms are bracers that extend from her wrist downward, connecting to fingerless gloves and on her legs are wrappings that extend from her shins downward, stopping at her ankles where a set of anklets sit above small shoes made for quick and silent movements. Her hair is almost always tied back in either a simple topknot or ponytail and by her side is an odachi.


Adel is no nonsense and a cynic. She does not take unnecessary risks and would much prefer that things go according to plan, but this should not be interpreted as cowardly and without room for improvisation. Her pride and ego used to make her believe in her blatant superiority over others, but experience and years in self-induced solitude as she searched for Caim have wisened her by giving her time to view herself introspectively. She is still as severe and straightforward as she was in her youth, but can show other expressions when the time calls for it.

Her sole goal is to find Caim and return to the Eternal Castle, but the details of this plan haven't been worked out, so she instead searches for Caim without rest. At this point, Adel's status as Heir to the Eternal Castle is of little importance to her when compared to finding the few that she knows and returning to normalcy. It could be inferred that she is lonely from her actions, but she would never admit it due to her pride, similarly to how she won't back out of any challenge, regardless of difficulty, if it brings her closer to her goal.

After the Incident, Adel has been stricken with night terrors and the inability to move without assistance. More details to come as more information is gathered.

Abilities and SkillsEdit


Adel is unaffected by the various states of weather and temperature, regardless of severity. Beyond a certain extent, harmful weather conditions do not harm her or impede her due to her immunity to change.

Ailment ImmunityEdit

Ailments, mundane and mystical, curses, illnesses and other debilitating conditions, regardless of symptoms, do not effect Adel because of her immunity to change.

Damage MitigationEdit

Adel only takes damage at the very beginning of attacks and recovers from attacks rather quickly, even without her natural(?) recovery closing injuries much quicker than most can inflict damage.

Suppression ImmunityEdit

Adel is immune abilities that weaken another's abilities or overall power, but not due to her immunity to change. Unlike Caim however, she can suppress her power output in ways beside limiting the follow through of her actions.

Four Flames of DeathEdit

Adel commands the four Signet "Flames" of Death.


Red Flame. An exceedingly hot "flame" that eats away at strength and defense and saps willpower along with spirit.


Blue Flame. A "flame" hotter than Frailty that destroys all things it makes contact with, save what the one commanding them prevents them from damaging.


Green Flame. A cruel "flame" that strickens and eats away at form and power, crippling those it makes contact with.


Black Flame. A demonic "flame" that erases what it comes into contact with, leaving not even ash or heat where it travels.

Astra GateEdit

Adel has awakened the Astra Gate, granting her access to magic long gone, Astra Magick. This formless, highly adaptable magic can compliment other magic, temporarily enhance attributes and even create new routes for actions that previously were not possible due to various limitations. A form of magic limited to a single person unless passed down orally. From this she has earned the title Last Astra.


Awakened after the Incident. The negativity and darkness deep within Adel surges forth, summoning forth a field of Minus energy over a large area. Everything within the field is "tainted" and suffers from currently unknown effects.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Astra MagatsuhiEdit

An Odachi created once Adel awakened the Astra Gate. In truth this is not its only form as it has been turned into dual stilettos, a swallow sword, an uchigatana and other similar weapons through use of Astra Magick.

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