Aculi are a small to medium sized humanoid race with extremely unusual properties, created by Eien, Gurīn, and Moura, resembling Satyrs. They do not age in the way humans do, freezing in the aging process just after adolescence, which gives them eternally youthful bodies, and child like faces are not uncommon. They are native to Eien's Realm and the various worlds he has created.

Appearance Edit

Aculi appear very similar to satyrs, but defer in subtle ways. Depending on the breed of Aculi, their appearance can change drastically, as is the same for their environment. Forest dwellers are typically shorter and have short fur, while open area ones are distinctly taller and depending on their location, can have long fur.

Due to how they age, there are no noticeable differences between a really old Aculi and their younger counterparts. The only difference can be the size of their horns, though even this isn't reliable as Aculi will shorten them to prevent weight.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Collective Entity Physiology Edit

Aculi by nature have an urge to meld with beings who are a perfect opposite to them, and upon doing so, attain this state of being. They retain the knowledge of their past individual selves, and will seek another immediately after accomplishing this fusion.

Reactive Body Edit

Depending on the environment, situation, and needs of the Aculi, their body will transform in some capacity to adjust. This can mean gaining immunity to damage from lava, growing gills, or even wings.

Counterforce Edit

This individual is the perfect counter to one being in the universe. Against this being, they have powers equal but opposite in every manner, and can fight them to a stalemate. This only applies to one individual and cannot change once set or until fusion occurs. Cannot be used against beings from another universe.

High Magic Affinity Edit

Upon applying themself, an Aculi can very quickly become a powerful mage, in relative terms towards most magic casters.

Subtypes Edit

  • Forest
  • Cave
  • Snow
  • Mountain
  • Plains
  • Aqua
  • Sky
  • Desert

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