Abeni is the sister of Azula, once human and originating from a hidden island in fantasy.


The Tyrant - Fight Theme

Vermilion Flame - Great Abyssal Demon Lord Theme

Appearance and Personality

Abeni is currently the second tallest of the three sisters, taller than the average man. She has white hair that gleams multiple colors in the light, with red scaly skin which is covered by a red armor set that seems to grow out of her body. Around her waist she wears a cloth garment, but she isn't known to wear much clothes other than the long ragged scarf she wears around he neck. She is a woman of 40 years of age, but was much younger when she was turned into a Chaos Engine.

Abeni is fairly forward and direct, having very little patience for stalling. She can be extremely combative with people who she doesn't like, and is very rarely able to purely forget past offenses against her. Towards those she cares about, she is more open and gentle, almost motherly in times of emotional support. In spite of her combative tendencies, she can have a fair amount of wisdom in her own ways.


Abeni, born as Kyra Kuros, was the middle child of Gina Kuros and Issac Senior Kuros. Azula, then known as Azalea, was her older sister, and the two formed a deep, intimate bond with each other. She in particular was close to her father, Issac, and he in turn was incredibly fond of her, doting on her quite often. In those days, Kyra was a far happier, softer person, lacking any sense of violent tendencies like she displays now. This unfortunately changed shortly after Gurin, then known as Illa, was conceived.

A fight broke out between Issac and Gina, and angrily in the night, he left, striking Kyra aside as she pleaded him to stop. This shattered Kyra's heart, and was the foundation of her more antagonistic view of men further down the line. With Kyra still young, and Gina all alone, Azalea was forced to step in and help care for the family, which would be made difficult with Gina's progressing pregnancy. The long tough days forced Kyra to become self dependent and at an early age, she began taking up difficult, labor intensive jobs to help the family. This unfortunately was met with ridicule towards the young woman by her coworkers, this life turned her deep love of her father into dark hatred for the man.

Kyra would take up various jobs, such as lumberworking, carpentry, fishing, harvesting, and forging, working hard in each job she undertook, and developed an impressive work ethic over time.

When Gina gave birth to her third daughter Illa, Kyra was reluctant to help care for her, viewing her as a burden. However, desperate to earn her big sister's love, Illa was relentless in her attempts to win her over, the innocent child ignorant of Kyra's pain. Still, she would win in the end, and they formed a close bond.

As Gurin continued to grow, and eventually started establishing herself as a gardener, she began to engage in relationships, wanting more than her simple life with her sister. Her three various attempts at romance failed, with one being a joke date, in which she was left alone for hours, only saved when Kyra came looking for her. This poor treatment of her sister caused Kyra's dislike of men to become hardened in her heart, and she forbade Illa to seek additional relationships. This caused some tension between them, but before it could escalate, an event that would change their lives forever took place...

In the midst of an ugly fight between Kyra and Illa, with Azalea attempting to break up the fight, an army of armor clad warriors from across the sea invaded and began kidnapping various villagers. When they came for Illa and Azalea, Kyra stood her ground and attempted to defend them, but was unable to stop them, and was soon taken as well. They were taken to a hidden fortress in the sea, and imprisoned for a number of days, with Azalea taken to become the first Zeta Class Chaos Engine, transformed all at once.

Impressed by Azalea's rapid transformation into Azula, her Chaos Engine self, their kidnappers, Phoenix, turned to Kyra and Illa, and began transforming them, salivating at what the other two sisters would become. However, instead of taking to the transformation well, they were instead torn apart by the force of the transformation, and left in incredible pain and were heavily disfigured. Kept in suspended animation, neither truly alive or dead, they would remain deep below the fortress for many years, until finally brought back to life with the creation of the first Lambdas.

Kyra would feel herself slip away, and become changed by a might power that began to course through her veins, changing her into a being whom possessed the power of Chaos. However, her dark emotions quickly began to change her into a being full of malice, threatening to consume her. However, her meeting with Nanashi would give her hope to remain herself, and thus, she sealed her powers with what little knowledge of sigils she understood from Nanashi. Thus, Abeni was born, a mighty Lambda with command over the aspect of War, and one of the greatest weapons in Phoenix's arsenal. While a faint relationship has blossomed between Nanashi and Abeni, it remains to be seen if her fate can be changed, or if the darkness inside her will finally win.



Abeni is down right dangerous when it comes to her sisters, so much as thinking about harming a single hair on their heads is enough to make her borderline murderous. She is extremely caring and does not care about anything else except their protection, and will go to any lengths to protect them.


Abeni has very little tolerance for the former Epsilon CE, readily willing to smite him on the spot for any abuse or disrespect for her sisters or herself. She is very much disapproving of him and questions why Gurin even likes him.


Abeni resents White for putting her and her sisters through their ordeals, but is more concerned with protecting her sisters, and fully plans to make her pay once the time has come, and patiently bids her time, but if it means protecting her sisters, revenge will come last.


Abeni has both respect and a soft spot for Nanashi, his knowledge of technology is fascinating for her, who has never seen such things. She considers him a good friend and companion, though in light of his recent confession, she is deeply touched, never believing a woman like her would have a chance with men. She currently maintains a affectionate, friendly stance with him, hopeful for a new and better future, but with the current turn of events, she has decided feelings must wait until Abeni and her people's fates are decided. She also wishes for him to prove himself to her, though in what capacity is unknown.


Epitaph of War

All those who fight on Abeni's side experience a massive boost to their fighting strength, one man can take on fifty without breaking a sweat. Her enemies are stricken with weakness and cowardice, making her side's power only more destructive.

Archangel Physiology

Endlos Physiology

Variante Physiology

Human Physiology

Spirit Physiology

Machine Physiology

Aetherborn Physiology

Etherite Physiology

Cyanican Physiology

Dragon Physiology

Endless Physiology

Nephelam Physiology

Chaos Manipulation

Ether Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Lightning Manipulation


Dragon Breath - Ether

Dragon Breath - Chaos

Dragon Breath - Void

Soul Manipulation

Future Sight

Restriction Number 230 - Declare Doom

Allows Abeni to break Immortality within the span of battle. Causes Immortal beings to be killable by her sword. Lasts until end of combat.

Restriction Number 589 - Mortal Breaker

Abeni's sword gains the ability to change its nature to that of the weakness of a being's power, allowing Abeni to counter almost any describable technique or move. Mortal Breaker is triggered by soaking the blade in the blood of the target, and whispering the target's name. Abeni always asks the name of her enemy, so that she might be able to use this skill in battle. The skill only counts once, before she has to repeat the process.

Restriction Number 600 - Shūryō Jikoku (End Times)

Abeni's second sword gains the ability End Times, which starts a countdown upon the target. If this ability is triggered, the target must either surrender and not become involved from then on or kill Abeni, or get her to surrender, else they will die, regardless of Immortality or Mortality. Abeni must soak the blade in her enemy's blood, for a repeated number of times. (5). She must then willingly impale herself with the sword, coating it in her own blood.


Superhuman Punch

Abeni can shatter metal like glass, and is in general able to smash anything to bits that is not structured to survive a direct impact from a extraterrestrial body, such as asteroids.

Infernal Rapture

A more powerful, deadly strike, Infernal Rapture takes the principle of punching someone into the realms of sophisticated techniques. With an upgraded strike force, the impact is less localized and more of a wide spread blast, unlike the previous attack, this causes terrain damage on par with an actual planetoid. A alternate version of this can direct this area of effect into a much more precise area, allowing a foe to feel the full unbridled force of the blow.

Astral Smash

The second most powerful physical strike, Abeni is able to smash celestial bodies like moon sized planets or actual moons to fine grains of dust with ease, and carries massive launching power.

Vulcan Punch

The most feared and rarely used, it combines the previous levels of power and takes it to cruel levels. Should anything or anyone survive it, they are likely to be smashed clear out of the solar system, with massive Erasure and Ether burns throughout their body, externally and internally.

Judgement - Infernal

Abeni's wrath becomes greater than the legions of hell, and her overwhelming power scalds the very soul with her retribution.

Judgement - Heavenly

Abeni's fury becomes just as a host of angels upon evil, and she smites all the unworthy that stand before her.

Judgement - Void

The cold, heartless hate of the Void consumes the soul and mind, forever banishing the fool who tempted Abeni's wrath in a state of emptiness and misery.

Astral Flare

A powerful burst of magic that decimates those without the proper protection against high magic levels.

Coup De Grace

Abeni's ultimate physical move, Abeni grants mercy to her enemy so swiftly, the lord's grace will be upon them before death is even a reality to them.

Pillar of Heaven

A brilliant strike from the heavens, which burns all to ash who attempt the stay the flames of the divine.



A giant with demon and angel physiology, it wears infernal and angelic armor. Has the power to incite fear in Abeni's enemies, and can quickly reduce an army to dust.


Chaos Engine Mode

Cataclysm Drive

A variation of Chaos Drive, it allows her to chose a type of element, Light, Dark, Fire, Earth, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, or Time and Space, and fire a beam of that element. It is capable of instantly destroying an entire region's worth of that respective element.

Unsealed Mode

Abeni's Six Hundred Restriction Seal's conditions for unlocking are met, and Abeni gains access to her true nature, and with it, unholy amounts of power. This form is comparable in power to Azula and Gurin's Omega Forms.

Conceptual Burning

Dimensional Strength

Ebon Fire

Void Flame

Necro Flame

Primal Chaos



Illogical Regeneration

Roar of Dimen

Dimensional Speed

Abyssal Dragon God (Sealed)

A alternate form of Abeni's true form, she becomes a titanic infernal dragon with the power to control Chaos and the Void at will.

Dragon Lordship

Conceptual Burning II

Great Abyssal Demon God ((Sealed)(True Form))

Abeni's true form without any restriction and sealing, the consequence of her seal being permanently broken. The true scope of Abeni's power at this stage is unknown, but whatever it is, she had very good reason for sealing it away...

Demonic Lordship

Holy Lordship

Void Lordship

Dragon Lordship

Transdimensional Strength

Conceptual Burning III


Supernatural Magic

Chaos Manipulation (Full Release)

Dimensional Assault

Temporal Burst

Enthralling Visage

Stellar Collapse